Kumbha Vivah

India is a country which believes in spiritual power most. Spiritual power is the top of everything and every problem have the spiritual solution. In Hindu religious, many doshas are impact the human life. Manglik dosha is one of the most unfavorable dosha which affect the life of that particular person and other who around to them. Many Spiritual solutions are in astrology to keep safe from the bad impact of these doshas. Kumbh vivah is also one of the spiritual solutions for the people who having manglik dosha in their kundli or birth chart.
Kumbh vivah basically combination of two Hindu words which are Kumbh means pot and vivah means wedding or marriage.
When a person, no matter that the person is girl or boy, having manglik dosha in his kundli or horoscope. Then kumbh vivah is the process to marry with a pot for remove the bad impact from their after marriage life and it shows the true color after they got marry.
Manglik dosha have many types impact of the person and his partners life, like in anshik manglik dosha they have to be face major health issues, delivery issues of baby, dispute in between the bride and groom and in the major manglik dosha could be happen like serious relationship issues, death of husband, major accident, death of wife, major disease etc.
Kumbh vivah is just like a ordinary marriage of the guys which have manglik dosha. All rituals have to be perform normally like other marriage for example; kanya daan, phere with the pot and also chanting the wedding mantras in this marriage.