Rudra Abhishek Puja

Rudra Abhishek Puja is one of the most auspicious and difficult Puja in the Hindu faith. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva to avoid untimely death or threat to life in any circumstances, while elongating the span of life.
Jala Abhishek: To cure fever
Dudh Abhishek: To get your wish come true
Ghee Abhishek: Vansh Vistaar
Milk with sugar Abhishek: To gain intelligence
Mustard oil Abhishek: Destroy enemy
Honey Abhishek: Destroy sin.
Ghee Abhishek: Cure disease
Cows milk Abhishek: Longevity of age
Sugarcane juice Abhishek: To become wealthy
Sugar and water: Begetting of son
This Puja also removes any Dosh in the Kundli, financial and health issues of an individual and family. A group of 5 Vedic Brahmans do Rudra Ashthadhyaay Path, Shiva Strota, Rudrashtakam, Lingashtakam, Shiv Mahimna Strota, Shiv Manas Puja, Dwadas Jyotirlinga, Shiv Tandav Strota, etc. Namak-Chamak Path is performed to get all your wishes fulfilled. If 108 Path are done by 11 Vedic Brahmans it makes it Maharudra and 1008 Path by 11 Vedic Brahman in 11 days it is called as Ati Rudra. The Shiva Linga is offered milk, buttermilk, ghee, honey or juice as per the desired result of the Puja.


Gains victory
Fulfill wishes
Attains Moksha